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Mine Production Software
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Optimal mine performance requires accurate recording and reporting!

Reliable tracking and reporting of mining production activities and materials is essential to support the decisions aimed at maximising output and cash flow performance of any mining project, including:

  • The performance of different plant and equipment assets
  • The performance of working teams
  • The performance of different mines and mining locations
  • Quantity and grade of materials at different locations and stockpiles
  • Movements
  • Planned output vs actual output
  • All tracked and reported by shift and period

MPX is a unique tracking and reporting tool that allows you to identify:

  • The effectiveness of the mine plan
  • Ability to meet customer commitments
  • Period cash flows
  • Opportunities and weaknesses in the mineral resource model
  • Ability to plan and invest in exploration and resource development to extend the project

Performance of mining operations requires activities to be recorded for each team and each shift to ensure extraction, load and movement targets are met, and downtime minimised. In addition, the amount, grade and quality of material at each location and stockpile is essential to report in order to plan details of feed into processing plant and transport to customer or other destination.

Production performance requires both the tracking and reporting of mining physicals – materials. For many operations it also requires tracking of geology (grade) at each location to ensure plant is fed with the correct proportions of different types of materials to ensure optimal extraction of product by the processing plant, and effective planning of blending for shipping.

MPX is a central database tool that records and reports all aspects of production, with powerful reporting to provide a single source of truth for the managers and stakeholders in a mine.

History of movements and grade through any period is fully auditable to ensure reports are reliable and provide a solid base for decision making, and for reporting to shareholders.